Monday, July 23, 2007

ummm it's GOOD Try one

Hershey Announces "Elvis Cup" for July 2007

Hershey's Elvis Cup

Recently, Hershey’s announced the “Elvis Cup”, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that includes a layer of Banana Creme. You may or may not know (if say, you’re blind), but Elvis loved to eat. One of his favorite foods was fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, thus the inspiration for the new Reese’s cup. Hershey’s just added some chocolate and took away the fried aspect (though I’m sure a local county fair can help you with the fried aspect.)

This “limited edition” candy is being made in honor of the 30th Anniversary of The King’s passing. The candy will be on your shelves sometime in July ‘07, while Elvis’ actual date of death is August 16th. The candy, which will come in mini, standard and “king size”, will also include an instant win contest for a trip for two to Graceland.,GGIC:1970--2,GGIC:en%26sa%3DN

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tennessee and all the Sites and Sounds

The Adventure Begins. . .
As we head out West to Nashville, TN followed with Chattanooga TN for the blessing of one of my best friends little baby boys.

Hotel in Nashville - Guitar Pool?
Once we arrived in Nashville we stayed in the hotel known for its pool. Their pool is the only one in the nation shaped like a guitar (that they know of). I thought it was really cool, sadly we did not have time to go swimming in it as our days were so packed with adventure.

Touring Nashville

So we flew out to TN for the blessing of one of my best friends little boy. We went a few days early because we figured when will we get back out to Nashville, why not take the opportunity and tour the city and see all of the cites.

Ryman Auditorium
One of first places we stopped was the Ryman Auditorium, which is where the original Grand Old Opry took place. With the changing of times, it was felt that a more modern larger arena should be used, so the Ryman Auditorium was left and still has a few plays and concerts, but doe not house the Grand Old Opry anymore.

History of Nashville, TN
As we were touring around town we came across this part of town which had statues lined up creating a what looked like a time line representing the history of Nashville. Sadly we weren't able to stop and read it all but I thought it was interesting that the local government takes the time to continually add to it to share the history with everyone living there, and visitors that pass through the area.

The Parthenon
There is only one other place outside of Rome where there is an exact replica of the Parthenon. It happens to be in Nashville, TN. It was amazing to see just how it was created and the architecture of such a large building to have been built so many years ago.

Country Music Hall of Fame
I don't think I have seen so many gold and platinum albums at one time. Some of these pictures are just for fun to see a different perspective on something so simple like a staircase. Please enjoy.

General Jackson Show Boat

Now I am not one for boats as they make me really sick, I was really worried about this one. My parents assured me that this boat would move so slow that you would think we were still standing still. You know they were totally right. I really enjoyed the cruse we had on the General Jackson and the show that went along with it. I wished they had things like this around the area to enjoy with friends and family.

Hotel Room

When we got to Chattanooga we stayed in probably one of my favorite places (I didn't know it till I walked into the room though). I mean a perfect setting, jacuzzi and flat screen TVin the same room. The bed was so comfy it was really hard to get up each morning.

Ruby Falls

One day we went to a place called Ruby Falls . You start off above ground and take an elevator about 400+ feet below ground level to what looked like Luray Caverns, in VA. As we walked along this one path (one way in and one way out) we noticed beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations along the side of us. As we were walking along there were some points that were so narrow and to my surprise, we would have to squish against the rocks and let another group that was headed back pass us to get to the elevator. As you walk along eventually you get to an area where you hear this loud thunderous waterfall. It was explained to us that no one can seem to find where the beginning of the waterfall starts. It is just a mystery but what a glorious mystery.

Flight Home
It was such an awesome trip and I was very thankful to have gone, I will never forget this trip. Here are the last pictures of the trip home.