Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trip to the Washington National Zoo

One Saturday Paula and I were wondering what to do and it just seemed natural to take a trip to the zoo and take some pictures which is something we both really enjoy doing.

There was this one lioness that apparently really wanted to play with the ball in the water. However when she went to swat at the ball to bring it closer it just pushed it further out into the water, so the second one came running over to see if she could help. Well they gave up and just laid down in the hot sun to relax. Finally after being patient the ball just came to the lion and they could both enjoy the fun in the sun.

When we got to the Zoo there were signs up saying that the orangutans would be out at certain times of the day. I started thinking to myself that I have lived in the DC area since 1988 and as many times as I have been to the Zoo I had never seen the orangutans out walking along the ropes above everyone. I was like a kid in a candy store, it was so cool to see.

Here are some misc pictures I thought were interesting. Check out the snakes mouth, it looks viscous to me. This turtle was actually not the largest one there, however it was the clearest picture to come out, so sorry to say be you all get second largest :) The next two pictures I am not sure what they are called but they were very interesting to watch and I felt mesmerized watching them swim around. Then I turned around and about fell on the floor when I saw that lobster in its very own tank that was probably 12' by 12' by 10' all for him, due to his enormous size

Everywhere we we stood around the ape area this particular mother ape would stare you down, like how dare you bother me while I'm sun bathing. The more I stared at her the more worried I got because her face slowly turned to this scowl that looks like she should belong in the mafia.

YAY it took almost all day but finally we made it to the elephants. I knew since the last time I was there that a baby had been born and I was anxious to see the little one. As many of you know elephants are my absolute favorite animal, and this was just a highlight to my day. Then I started reading about the changed to the zoo and they are making this elephant stampede ground which will allow the elephants roam in a much freer and in a super large area. It was so nice to see the baby elephant playing along side his parents.

Since I was able to see the elephants my sister said we couldn't leave without checking out the birdhouse, I'm not a huge fan of birds but since she let me stay with the elephants for quite a long time, I felt like I owed her :) She loves large birds and can't wait to have one of her very own.

I had never seen a flamingo before I think we spent the most amount of time here watching them. It was so interesting to see the way they walked and basically interacted with each other. Their necks surprised me as to how flexible they are and how far behind them they can reach. Sadly I always thought that flamingos were only pink, I didn't know there were ones that were all white, and I think those were my favorites to watch, just because they are so different then what most typically think of with a flamingo.

I have seen hippos before but I think this was probably the largest hippo I have ever seen. As he walked around his I was amazed at the agility they have for being such a large animal and especially with such short stubby legs. I was hoping he would yawn or at least open his mouth really wide, and unfortunately he didn't, my goal is to get a nice clear picture of just how wide they can open their mouth, I have see it on TV and its just amazing, and can't wait to see it in person.

I didn't know that the zoo had a little petting zoo for the children. The donkeys were fun to watch play tug-of-war and then to finish things off with the Lamas brought a nice close to a fun day. I cant wait to go back

Going Away Party For Paula & Kumen Continued

So Paula got accepted into Dental Hygienist School in Dallas Texas, and it came time for them to finally move. However do you think they couldn't have left without having a party of all parties with all o their loved ones sharing in the fun? Paula and Kumen were able to get a hold of some fresh Crayfish and that started the menu for our BBQ Going Away Party. (more pictures from previous post)

When we got the crayfish at the house the first thing that had to be done was they needed to be flushed clean. I think we filled and emptied this cooler about 15 times before we started cooking them. As the water level got higher all the crayfish wanted to do was swim around and apparently be the ones on the top. I would have thought they would want to be on the bottom to live a little bit longer. Then again they didn't know what we were going to do with them.

And the cooking begins. As Kumen and dad start up the steamer kettles to cook get a start on the potatoes, corn, and onions before the crayfish was added. They only needed a few minutes in the heat. We also had some awesome chicken cooked by who else other then mom, and Paula added some vegetables to the BBQ to add some color and healthiness.

Paula found a website online that would ship Crayfish to any location in the US, and of course she couldn't pass this up. The main dish at the party were the crayfish and everything else just became a side. I have never even tried lobster I was really worried about trying crayfish, and knew that I would ever love it or hate it. Well lest just say I had one and don't think I will have another anytime soon :)

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you to all those that came out to support Paula and Kumen on their move to Texas and to celebrate with us during this wonderful goodbye party.