Friday, August 29, 2008

Trip to Idaho

Wedding Pictures
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Yellowstone Bear World
While in sitting around my Aunt and Uncles house one morning no one knew what to do for the day and I thought to myself, lets go drive around Bear World and enjoy seeing the animals. We piled everyone in the car and headed up the road.

While we were there, there were so many different sites to see. They have a white Elk, very rare, and tons of bears. I think my favorite picture form the day are the two bears playing in the water. All though I was driving I saw them in the water, quickly unrolled my window (shh don't tell anyone, they ask you to keep them up) and grabbed the camera and took the shot. It turned out pretty well I do have to say so myself. Also while I was driving along I saw the papa moose, again I grabbed the camera and shot, it looks as if her were posing just for me. What a poser :)

While we were driving around a white trunk pulled into the park, it was a tour bus that goes around and feeds the bears. In some pictures you can see the bears sitting on the ground clapping their paws and waiting for their food. It is so cute to see.

They have a path to follow while you drive through. Here are the animals we were able to see:

After we drove through the zoo we all got out of the car and headed towards the petting zoo. The swan was so cool to watch as she dunk for fish, you can see her neck deep under the water. The little chickens and fawns were so cute. It was fun petting all the animals and seeing just how soft they were.

At the end of the petting zoo were some amusement rides for the children. Of course my cousin Logan and his mother couldn't help but riding a few of them.

St Paul Airport
Well we left Thursday morning from Idaho Falls and our plane was delayed 30 minutes, not too bad, but that got us into St Paul late and had to run from gate 12 to gate 38. We were delayed 4 hours and had to switch planes. Man were we so glad to get home.