Friday, December 7, 2012

Tasks/Responsibilities Handing Over Frustration

At work there are many times I am asked to begin a task/responsibility to ensure it's efficient, smooth, and makes sense.  I LOVE doing this and finding kinks in things and fixing them.  I do have to say my biggest problem though that I have to figure out how to get around it is that when I finalize the task/responsibility and make it super smooth and well thought out I then turn it over to the person who will be doing it from then on. One would think this would be nice because I don't have to do this task anymore. However it's just the opposite.  #1 the person I'm training on the task never EVER fully listens so I have to explain it over and over again, not really a problem it's something new they are learning and more then likely not their way of doing something. #2 when they CHANGE SOMETHING the FIRST DAY!!!!! I can understand if doing the new task a few days/weeks and realizing I missed something or changing it slightly to fit your work ways but with the same outcome works. But the FIRST DAY!!!

For example and it's really a stupid one, but at work I've been doing the Pizza ordering for the last few weeks and really paying attention to what toppings, styles, and quantity the people in the office like and want. This is cuz the person who was ordering it prior to myself wasn't always putting the office wants first, so there were some very unhappy pizza eaters.  Well I have worked as I said hard to make this process super smooth, ordering the pizza that everyone now LOVES per their requests, setting up lunch a certain way, laying out the pizza veggie, mixed (veggie/meat), meat, cheese so everyone pizza they gravitate towards is always in the same place.  Sodas in the fridge early in the morning so they are cold at lunch.  I could go on and on.

Well today being the first day someone took it back as their responsibility, no sodas were put in the fridge, different pizzas were ordered (ones specifically I know people don't like), laid out all dis-ordered meats and veggies mixed so the line to get lunch today will take longer since people will have to look for their pizza. I just PRAY that the right amount of wings were ordered or everyone will NEVER hear the end of it.

Phew just a typical day in the life of Jennifer at work I guess.
Pizzas here let see how everyone like/dislikes the new set up.